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It is very easy to keep hens, it is however important to have the correct setup. Good fencing is vital when keeping poultry in order to keep predators out at all times. There are plenty of smart predators that will take the opportunity to get into your flock. My recommendation is PVC coated welded wire mesh, as it’s a perfect fence for poultry keepers. 

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Creating responsibility for children in looking after livestock is such an important life lesson. This also provides them insightful knowledge of where their food source comes from. Keeping hens are not just for the young, they provide a therapeutic and stress relief for all that own them. Every hen has her own personality and it’s wonderful watching her grow.

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which hens will suits my small kids

All our hens are chosen for their quite traits so any hen you choose will suit your needs

where do i keep my hens

1. at least 1,100 square centimeters floor area for each bird.

2. a perch for them to stand on while they sleep. 3. an exercise space, or ‘run’

4. a nesting box filled with wood shavings or straw for the hens to lay eggs

Is it easy to keep hens

keeping chickens is a relatively easy job, so long as you establish a strong routine. Here are some of the things you’ll need to do for your flock each day… Ensure that they have plenty of food and water. Spot check the coop to make sure it is clean and sanitary.

how many hens so i need for a family of 4

The average number of eggs per chicken is around 270 – 310 per year, normally slowing down in the winter months. So, normally 4-6 chickens should be plenty for a family of four

You’ve the choice on the day to pick a bird from our farm/delivery display even though you reserved / paid for the bird online.

Choice from our farm display on your pickup day.